Peter Gunz and Lyfe Jennings Argue Online Over Flirty Comments on Amina Buddafly

This arrives after Amina, who manages to patch things up with her ex-husband Peter, takes to her Instagram account to promote her new song ‘Do What You Do’ featuring Peter.

AceShowbizPeter Gunz and Amina Buddafly‘s relationship may have ended, but it seems like Peter has so much to say when it comes to guys who want to make a move on his ex-wife. The reality star had a pretty intense argument with R&B singer Lyfe Jennings after the latter left flirtatious comments on Amina’s Instagram post.

Amina, who managed to patch things up with Peter, took to her account to promote her new song “Do What You Do” featuring Peter. She shared a TikTok video of her dancing to the song in a black bralet and denim pants. That was enough to make Lyfe sliding in a flirty comment which read, “What if I said….”

Peter caught wind of the comment and responded, “Trust me I’ve said it all… lol.” Lyfe then replied, “Can’t we all just get along lol we both have emotions for her,” before directing his attention back to Amina with, “Hey bae.”

However, Peter begged to differ as he wrote back, “I think not brother that’s all you but my girls are all mine.. Knock yourself out I’m an extremely hard act to follow you can ask someone else we have in common.. lol.” Not backing down, Lyfe said, “for us to have something in common id have to be ‘common’ and um far from that bro. Buttttt….I’ve een known to drain pools too….”

The back-and-forth was far from an end as Peter continued responding, “I drain lakes my n**a but don’t take my word for it we can just ask you bae.. @aminabuddafly if you will …” Lyfe seemed to challenge Peter as he replied, “i.dont ask women about n****as. If I got a question I ask the n***a. In person.”

As for his last response, Peter said, “first off pause 2nd n***a bye.” Ending the online exchange of words, Lyfe commented, “3rd stay in ya lane, this lane full Lil Pete.”

Despite the long argument, Amina stays mum.

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