Blackburn captain Elliott Bennett baffled by positive coronavirus test… just 72 hours after getting all-clear – The Sun

BLACKBURN captain Elliott Bennett was shocked to test positive for Covid-19 just 72 hours after getting the all-clear.

The Rovers ace has racked his brains as to how he got different test results — a negative last Friday and then a positive on Monday.

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Bennett hoped to return to training that day but was told to self-isolate with his wife and three-year-old twins for seven days, as long as he does not develop any symptoms.

The 31-year-old said: “Maybe I already had it on Friday and it didn’t show up on that test.

“So I have been wondering how I picked it up. I hadn’t seen or been in close contact with anyone between Friday and Monday, so it’s strange.

“I’ve only seen my wife and children but they haven’t been anywhere because since the lockdown started we nominated me to go out and do the shopping and things.

“I did pop into Tesco and walked around, as I always do, the one-way system in the store, keeping my distance from people. But maybe I got it from the petrol station or walking the dog.

“It’s hard to pinpoint as I haven’t done anything different from the last nine weeks.”

The midfielder has shown no symptoms and his situation highlights why it is vital clubs are required by EFL protocols to test twice a week.

Bennett added: “It does show how good the system is. I don’t think football could do any more to reassure players.

“Training grounds — and the stadiums if we get playing again — will be the safest places in the country.

The problem for me has been the Government advice to the public has been to social distance — but it’s all right to play football.

“There is no 100 per cent guarantee that you cannot catch it but, if you do, the testing picks it up quickly and that’s what is important.”

Bennett is also happy there is no chance now he can spread the virus outside his household.

He said: “I would never have guessed for a moment I had coronavirus because this disease is affecting people in terrible ways and I’m not showing any symptoms.

“The massive thing is had it not been for the test, I’d not have thought twice about going to the shops or even just dropping my dad off some supplies outside his house.

“I could’ve unwittingly spread the virus around to God knows how many people and you have to wonder how many have been doing that because they’ve not been fortunate enough to have a test.”

There has been a lot of debate about whether football should return with the virus still claiming lives.

But Bennett said players should feel grateful for having access to tests.

He said: “The problem for me has been the Government advice to the public has been to social distance — but it’s all right to play football.

“People have had to work throughout this whole thing with no tests, no PPE, working with food, people who are getting it from the farms, taking it into a warehouse, the delivery drivers and that isn’t to mention the nurses and all those people.

“They are getting the plaudits they deserve — and they should get that in normal times, never mind during the pandemic.”

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