Socialite Sabine Getty says lockdown has 'changed family priorities'

Socialite Sabine Getty who is isolating with her billionaire husband Joseph on their 2,700-acre countryside estate says lockdown has ‘changed their priorities’ as a family

  • Sabine Getty, 36, revealed she is missing McDonald’s junk food during lockdown
  • Socialite said lockdown at 2,700 acre Wormsley Park had ‘changed priorities’ 
  • Called it a ‘real blessing’ to spend more time with kids and ‘not miss anything’
  • Previously revealed how lockdown had renewed marriage with husband Joseph 
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Jewellery designer Sabine Getty has revealed lockdown has ‘totally changed her priorities as a family’ as she quarantines with her billionaire husband Joseph at their 2,700-acre countryside estate. 

The mother-of-two, 36, is currently isolating at Wormsley Park, an 18th century country house, which is nestled in the Chiltern Hills of Buckinghamshire, belonging to her husband Joseph’s father Mark Getty and his family, along with her children Gene, three, and Jupiter, one.

The socialite said she has been enjoying spending more time with her children during the coronavirus lockdown.

She told The Telegraph: ‘It’s a real blessing being able to wake up with the kids in the morning and put them to bed, and not to miss anything in between.

Sabine Getty, 36, offered a rare glimpse into family life at Wormsley Park as she revealed lockdown has ‘totally changed’ her priorities (pictured, before lockdown in September 2019) 

‘I’m usually always feeling guilty that I need to get home to see the kids and only have a small window of time to see them, but here I don’t have any of that time pressure.’ 

The lavish house where the family is staying has an impressive library and a theatre and the grounds are home to a cricket club and Garsington Opera’s annual festival is held there annually.

Sabine admitted she felt ‘unbelievably lucky’ to have been able to take time away from London and spend quarantine ‘surrounded by nature’.

But she said there were still ups-and-downs for the family, despite their lavish surroundings, explaining: ‘The challenge for everyone is to find some little joys and motivation at this incredibly scary time.’ 

Sabine said it had been ‘a real blessing’ to spend more time with her children during the quarantine period (pictured, with her daughter Gene, three) 

The family, who would normally only spend weekends at Wormsley,  have been enjoying learning about nature during the lockdown, with Sabine admitting they would likely spend more time at the house in the future.

Sabine revealed that her daughter Gene has been learning the names of different flowers, trees, plants and birds while taking walks through the 2,700 acre estate.

The family have now built a routine, taking walks in the morning before enjoying an afternoon of arts-and-crafts, before an early dinner and storytime.

Sabine admitted that once her children are in bed, she’s ‘ready for bed’ herself by 8.30pm.

The mother-of-two revealed she hasn’t worn makeup in three months and has traded her usually flamboyant style for a more-relaxed wardrobe (pictured, with her son Jupiter) 

And she explained how she had totally transformed her usual polished appearance during the period, saying she has worn ‘zero make-up’ for three months, and has made time for self-care.

She also said she has ditched her usually flamboyant style for a more relaxed t-shirt and tank top style. 

But despite relaxing her beauty routine, Sabine admitted that she has maintained her perfectly coiffed blonde locks. 

She explained that her stylist had been sending hair dye in the post, while she applied the colouring at home with the help of YouTube tutorials.  

It comes after Sabine, who is married to Joseph Getty, the heir to the billionaire Getty estate, said she’s ‘rediscovered’ her husband during the coronavirus lockdown (Pictured: The couple at the wedding of Prince Jean-Christophe Napoleon and Olympia Von Arco-Zinneberg in Paris in 2019)

It comes after she told Tatler magazine that she has ‘rediscovered’ her financier husband during lockdown with their two children.

She said that it’s renewed her relationship with financial analyst Joseph, the great grandson of oil baron J. Paul Getty, rediscovering his sense of humour, culinary skills and ‘the always-in-high-spirits passionate person I have as a friend and partner for life’. 

Sabine is often seen in royal circles and was one of the famous faces at Princess Beatrice’s star-studded engagement party last year, and is also close pals with her sister Eugenie.

The daughter of an Egyptian interior decorator and a Lebanese financier, Sabine saw her status – and bank balance – sky-rocket when she wed billionaire heir Joseph Getty in 2015.

The daughter of an Egyptian interior decorator and a Lebanese financier, Sabine saw her status – and bank balance – sky-rocket when she wed Billionaire heir Joseph Getty in 2015. She is pictured at Lancaster House in June last year

The Getty dynasty was started by J. Paul Getty, Joseph’s great-grandfather, who became the richest man in the world thanks to the Getty Oil Company and went on to set up a number of acclaimed art institutions, despite being a notorious miser.

 Despite marrying into riches, Sabine has an impressive CV herself and runs her very own jewellery business, which is beloved by the A-list.

Born in Switzerland, and living between Geneva, Beirut and the South of France as a child, Sabine graduated from the Gemological Institute of America in 2012.

Whilst living stateside, she studied diamond grading and jewellery design, and then moved to London to forge her own way, quickly getting to know all the right people along the way.

Her designs have since been worn by fashionable A-listers such as Rihanna, with whom she regularly parties with, Alessandra Ambrosio, Suki Waterhouse and Cara Delevingne.

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