You'll Want to Read This Before Trying a Brazilian Wax (Trust)

Deciding what to do with your pubic hair is a personal decision that’s absolutely nobody’s business but your own. If you love (or simply don’t mind) your hair, great! Keep it! If you’re into bikini trimmers to keep your hair neat and tidy, fantastic. You do you. But if you’ve been readin’ up on bikini hair removal and have decided that a Brazilian wax is something you want to give a try for the first talk, I’ve gotchu covered with every answer to all your possible questions—including, yup, is it really that painful? Keep reading for all of the facts, with expert insights from Gabrielle Ophals, cofounder of Haven Spa in NYC.

What is a Brazilian wax?

According to Ophals, a bikini wax involves removing the hair that’s about 2-3 inches past your bathing suit line. A Brazilian wax takes it a step further and removes all the hair from your labia, above the “split” or clitoral fold (where your skin starts to divide and you find your inner labia) and between the buttocks. In layman’s terms, it removes allllll the hair down there.

What is a full Brazilian wax?

I know I said a Brazilian wax is when all the hair is removed, but you can also choose to leave a thin strip (a landing strip, if you will) or a small triangle in the front. Ophals says a Brazilian just means all the hair is removed from the labia and buttocks. If you choose to go completely bare, that would be what some people refer to as a “full Brazilian wax.” The difference is minimal, and it all comes down to personal preference.

How is a Brazilian wax done?

Other than the area that’s being waxed and the yoga positions you have to get into, a Brazilian is kinda like any other body wax treatment: a layer of wax is applied to your clean skin, and then it’s quickly peeled off, along with your hair. The esthetician will use either a strip wax (a hot wax that requires a strip of fabric placed on top), or a hard wax (a thick wax that plasticizes as it cools and removes hair without a strip), or a combination of both. While hard wax is more common to use for Brazilian waxes because it’s slightly less painful, strip wax is better for gripping smaller, finer hairs that the hard wax leaves behind.

Do Brazilian waxes hurt?

How do I put this lightly: They hurt pretty freakin’ bad the first time you get them done (but tend to get easier to handle the more you go). Not only is it a sensitive area to begin with, but Ophals adds that some skin (like the inside area of the outer labia and the top portion above the cleft) is thinner and even more sensitive, making waxing it particularly more intense. But hey! Apparently the butt area isn’t all that bad, so there’s that.

How can I make my Brazilian wax less painful?

Ophals says some patients take the recommended dose of Advil before they come in if they’re really sensitive; however, she doesn’t recommend numbing the pain with a few shots of liquid courage beforehand, so save the alcohol for later. The whole process takes about 10 to 30 minutes, so although it can hurt, it’ll be over soon enough. As backwards as it sounds, the only real way to make your Brazilians less terrible is to just keep getting them. According to Ophals, the longer you’ve been waxing, the less painful they become, because the hair follicles become weaker and some even stop growing back altogether.

How much do Brazilian waxes cost?

It can depend on the location and the wax used, but Ophals says the average cost of a Brazilian wax typically ranges from $50 to $80.

Can you wax your bikini area yourself?

If you’re anything like me, there seems to be a direct correlation with the amount of time stuck at home and the amount of confidence you have in yourself to take on an DIY project that you otherwise would have never attempted. But step away from the at-home wax kit for just a sec while I go over all the reasons you should reconsider using it for a DIY Brazilian wax.

Ophals says the most common thing that goes wrong when waxing yourself is bruising, because you can’t get the right angle for ripping the strip or wax off by yourself. But that’s not all! You can also burn yourself if the wax is too hot or rip off your skin (!!) if the wax is too cool, which leads to scabbing, hyperpigmentation, and even scarring. So yeah. Leave the DIY projects for your clothes and tie-dyeing kits.

What should you not do before a Brazilian wax?

The number one thing to avoid before an appointment (besides stopping acne treatments that can make your skin thinner, like Accutane) is shaving. Ophals say your hair should be a quarter-inch long or as close to that as you can get. Any shorter than an eighth-inch long will be too short to wax, so don’t shave right before. Shower and rinse the area ahead of your appointment (yay, hygiene!), but don’t exfoliate or apply any lotions or oils, which could impede the wax’s ability to grip to the hair.

What not to do after waxing?

Hear me loud and clear when I say you’ll want to wear loose clothing to your appointment and avoid tight-fitting underwear or pants afterward to prevent painful chafing against the raw, tender skin. Ophals also says to avoid touching the area, and for the most part, don’t put any products on it. If your skin is still sticky or tacky from the waxy residue, you can use a little bit of unscented oil (Ophals recommends virgin organic coconut oil) to remove it. Give it a day before resuming your normal life or doing any (and I mean any) sweaty activities. Waxing in and of itself will exfoliate the skin plenty, so no need to do that for at least 72 hours.

Can hair be too long before a Brazilian wax?

If your hair is any longer than a quarter of an inch, trim it before your appointment. Any longer than that, and it’ll just hurt more (Ophals says you can thank torque and the ergonomics of pulling for that).

When should you not wax?

If you can, schedule your wax around your period. While you can still get waxed during your period (though make sure to call and ask ahead of time if the salon is cool with it, and always wear a tampon or a cup for the wax), you’re at your height of your pain sensitivity when you’re premenstrual, so why do that to yourself?

Can I trim in between waxes?

Ready for an answer that’s more complicated than your relationship?! The goal for Brazilian waxes is to be less painful each time. So to do that, Ophals recommends not trying to stretch out your appointments with shaving and trimming because you’ll keep starting over and reinforcing the strength of that hair at the root.

A Brazilian wax typically lasts three to five weeks (depending on how quickly your hair grows and how much hair you can tolerate) but you might notice hair creeping up sooner, especially when you’re first starting out. Why? Because not only does hair grow in different cycles, but also your pubic hair is really strong and prone to breakage the first few times you wax.

“When this happens, it seems like the hair has come out, but it’s actually broken off just below the surface of the skin, so it will immediately start growing in,” Ophals says. Since shaving removes the uppermost layer of skin, you don’t want to wax every week, so in the meantime, yes, you can trim to keep everything under control, but try to keep your appointments consistent.

Is waxing better than shaving?

Ophals’s a fan of waxing because the hair grows back softer after it’s removed (the hair has a tapered edge when it grows back as opposed to the blunt edge you get from shaving), but how you choose to handle your body hair removal is your decision. Weigh the pros and cons of shaving and waxing (or laser hair removal, for that matter), and go with whatever method works for you the best.

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Yungblud Sings About a ‘Weird!’ Time in Life on New Single – Listen!

Yungblud is back!

The 22-year-old artist returned with his new single “Weird!” on Wednesday (April 22).

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Yungblud

“Weird!” was written prior to the ongoing global health crisis, and captures “a mood of uncertainty.”

“I wrote the song about the weirdest time in my life ever imagined. I felt like the ground beneath me was a maze that was shape shifting and I felt like I was going to fall down the cracks and, in my opinion, the world feels exactly like that right now. I wanted this song to make everyone feel that everything was going to be alright no matter how weird things get,” he says of the song.

Come hold my hand, hold it tight / We’re in a weird time of life / Don’t wreck your brain / It’ll be alright / We’re in a weird time of life,” he sings.

Listen to “Weird!” and read the lyrics…

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Netflix is breaking our hearts in May

April is almost over, which means that in a matter of days Netflix will be coming out with new content. While we’re excited for some new releases, the end of the month also means that some of our favorites will be leaving the streaming service in the coming weeks.

The good news is that there’s still some time to watch any of the soon-to-be-gone films and shows that are leaving Netflix in May, so if any of these titles are in your Netflix queue waiting to be viewed, now is the time to watch them.

According to a press release from Netflix, only one film, the science action flick John Carter, is leaving the platform in the first half of the month. Come May 15, though, a slew of other titles will be leaving the Netflix library. Limitless, the 2011 thriller starring A Star Is Born‘s Bradley Cooper will be leaving Netflix on that date, as will another Cooper film, 2012’s The Place Beyond the Pines.

Dozens of films and movies are leaving Netflix in May

The next few weeks are also your last chance to binge watch Kerry Washington in action as Olivia Pope in Shonda Rhimes’ hit series Scandal. All seven seasons of the show are officially departing from Netflix on May 18.

May 19 will see the departure of several movies, including classics The First Wives Club, It Takes Two, Love, Rosie, and What’s Eating Gilbert Grape. On May 25, all three seasons of Bitten will leave Netflix, followed by Bob Ross: Beauty Is Everywhere: Collection 1 on May 30. The last day of the month will see another huge purge. Several movies will leave Netflix on May 31, including all three Austin Powers films, Dear John, and My Girl.

The other shows and films leaving Netflix in May are as follows: Royal Pains (seasons 1-8), Black Snake Moan, Carriers, Evolution, She’s Out of My League, Young Adult, Yours, Mine and Ours, Final Destination, The Final Destination, Final Destination 2, Final Destination 3, Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, Looney Tunes: Back in Action, The Naked Gun 2 1/2: The Smell of Fear and The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad!

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Ed Sheeran's neighbours win battle to extend their back garden

Ed Sheeran’s neighbour wins battle with singer to extend his back garden by 160 feet despite superstar complaining it would spoil his £3.7m ‘Sheeranville’ estate

  • Robinson’s plans to extend his back garden have been approved by the council
  • Ed Sheeran objected to the ‘unplanned and artificial’ extension last month 
  • The pop-star has had to deal with a string of planning complaints of his own 
  • Neighbour Tony Robinson said he is ‘very disappointed’ at Sheeran’s objection  

Ed Sheeran’s neighbour has won his battle with the superstar to extend his back garden despite objections from the singer. 

Anthony Robinson, who lives three houses along from the pop star’s estate, has been given permission to make his back garden 160 feet bigger. 

Mr Robinson already owns the field behind his garden and wants to turn the land into a paddock area and incorporate it into his garden.

But Sheeran, worth £160 million, does not want the space to be domesticated and encourage further development. 

Ed Sheeran’s neighbour Tony Robinson has won his fight to extend his back garden by 160 feet. This aerial image shows the original boundary in red and what his new garden will look like

Ed Sheeran and his wife Cherry Seaborn attend the Brit Awards after party in 2017

The 29-year-old musician has spent the last six years expanding his East Suffolk estate, dubbed Sheeranville, worth £3.7 million, that includes five houses, an orchard, football pitch, outdoor kitchen, drinking den and an entertainment area.  

Last month an objection on Sheeran’s behalf was made by Paul Smith from Apex Planning Consultants.  

Mr Smith said the new garden would ‘look out of place in the village’ and ‘would extend the village into the countryside in an unplanned and artificial way’.

But Smith also added that Sheeran was happy to compromise with a smaller extension between nine and 14 metres. 

The letter also insisted that if planning permission was granted it should include a planning condition that removed ‘development rights.’ 

This is the field area Mr Robinson wants to extend his back garden into from his house (pictured)

Mr Robinson responded to the letter and said: ‘I am very disappointed as I formally supported his last planning application to build his chapel in the adjacent field right under my oak tree.’   

Robinson’s architects, Nick Barber Architects, argued that the extension would not encourage residential development as there were already much bigger houses in the area.

The architects cited Ed Sheeran’s own property, especially his Wynneys Hall, as a ‘shining example’ of this already existing development. 

‘Sheeranville’ the estate in Suffolk owned by Ed Sheeran, with the newly added football pitch, main house Wynneys Hall and the nature pond (neighbours claim is being used as a swimming pool)

They also said that the property is already partly domesticated as the Robinsons have maintained it.  

They rejected Sheeran’s offer to compromise and said it was inappropriate to ‘seek to advise the applicants and indeed the Council on an alternative proposal.’

The letter wrote: ‘What is it that makes Apex the arbiter of how much land is needed for a family to live in the manner that they choose?’ 

Nick Barber Architects said that Robinson needs the extension for his large, three-generation family to live a sustainable lifestyle and grow their own vegetables. 

Although the council objected to Robinson’s proposal initially many neighbours wrote in to support him.     

Mr Miles Thomas wrote in to the council in support of Robinson saying: ‘The Robinsons live as three generations under one roof and as such do need a large garden.’ 

Neighbours have not been so supportive of Sheeran’s plans in the past.  

The pop singer was told he could not swim in his wildlife pond, had original plans for a chapel scuppered and had to remove his outside sauna after complaints from neighbours.

Last year Sheeran was however granted planning permission to create a place of worship in his back garden which he has yet to build.         

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Here's What's Coming to Netflix in May 2020

Already binge-watched your favorite shows on Netflix? Never fear! New movies and TV shows are about to appear.

That’s right! On Wednesday, the streaming giant tweeted a “sneak peek” at some of the films and television series coming to its platform this May. Whether viewers are in the mood for a family flick or a moving drama, they’ll be able to find it all on Netflix. 

For instance, they can kick off the month by watching both the classic movie Back to the Future and the highly anticipated new mini-series Hollywood on May 1. Ryan Murphy and Ian Brennan‘s creation features a star-studded cast. Darren Criss, Patti LuPone, Jim Parsons, Dylan McDermott, Jeremy Pope and Holland Taylor are just a few of the celebrities who appear in the show. 

If subscribers want to watch a bit of comedy, they can check out Jerry Seinfeld‘s stand-up special 23 Hours to Kill or Issa Rae and Kumail Nanjiani‘s rom-com The Lovebirds—which are out May 5 and May 22, respectively.

They can also catch up on a few projects they missed during award show season. For instance, Uncut Gems becomes available on Netflix starting May 25. Adam Sandler received a Critics’ Choice Awards nomination in the Best Actor category for his role in the film and many were disappointed to see he was shut out from the 2020 Oscars nominations. Or, fans can stream Dead to Me: Season 2. As fans will recall, Christina Applegate received an Emmy nomination for her role in the series in 2019.

To see what else is coming to Netflix next month, check out the list below.



May 1

May 6
Workin’ Moms: Season 4

May 8
Dead to Me: Season 2
The Eddy
Restaurants on The Edge
: Season 2 

May 11
Bordertown: Season 3

May 15
Magic for Humans: Season 3
White Lines

May 18
The Big Flower Fight

May 19
Sweet Magnolias

May 22
History 101
Selling Sunset
: Season 2
Trailer Park Boys: The Animated Series: Season 2
Control Z

May 29
Space Force

Skip Bolen/NETFLIX


May 1
The Half of It
All Day and a Night

May 12
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Kimmy Vs. The Reverend (Interactive Special)

May 13

The Wrong Missy

May 22
The Lovebirds

May 27
I’m No Longer Here


May 11
Have a Good Trip: Adventures in Psychedelics
Trial by Media

May 20
Ben Platt Live From Radio City Music Hall

May 29
Somebody Feed Phil: Season 3


May 7
Scissor Seven: Season 2

May 28


Kids and Family

May 1
Go! Go! Cory Carson: The Chrissy

May 8
Chico Bon Bon: Monkey a Tool Belt
The Hollow
: Season 2

May 12
True: Terrific Tales

May 15
She-Ra and the Princesses of Power: Season 5 


May 5
Jerry Seinfeld: 23 Hours to Kill

May 19
Patton Oswalt: I Love Everything

May 26
Hannah Gadsby: Douglas

And More

May 1
Ace Ventura: Pet Detective
Back to the Future
Back to the Future Part II
Cracked Up, The Darrell Hammond Story
Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa
Masha and the Bear: Season 4
Reckoning: Season 1
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
The Patriot
Underworld: Evolution
Underworld: Rise of the Lycans
Urban Cowboy

May 9
Charmed: Season 2
Grey’s Anatomy: Season 16

May 14
Riverdale: Season 4

May 16
Public Enemies
May 19

May 20
The Flash: Season 6

May 23
Dynasty: Season 3

May 25
Uncut Gems

May 27
The Lincoln Lawyer

Coming Soon
Supergirl: Season 5

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Top porn star Danica Dillon now working at Walmart as married mom of four just five years after Josh Duggar lawsuit – The Sun

PORN star Danica Dillon is now working at Walmart five years after she sued Josh Duggar for sexual assault.

Danica – real name Ashley Johnston – is living a quiet life as a married mom-of-four after her $500,000 lawsuit against disgraced reality star Josh.

The adult film actress, 33, is an essential worker and therefore still working at Walmart amid the coronavirus pandemic.

She regularly shares selfies in her work uniform and recently posted a snap of herself wearing a protective mask in the store.

Danica looks every inch the doting mother on social media, often posting snaps of her four children and her husband, Carson.

Alongside her job at Walmart, she has an OnlyFans account which she last posted in in December 2019.

Danica made headlines in November 2015 when she sued 19 Kids And Counting star Josh for sexual assault.

She alleged that they met in March 2015 at a Philadelphia strip club, where she was then working, and that Josh paid her $600 for lap dances before inviting her to his room.

Danice claimed to Hustler magazine that the first thing he said when they got inside the room was: "Get undressed. Get on your knees."

She claimed to the magazine that Josh choked her, spat at her and called her "worthless" and a "dirty s**t" during rough intercourse.

She alleged that Josh didn't wear a condom.

His wife, Anna Duggar, was pregnant at the time and at home with their three children.

Josh, 32, claimed he'd never met Danica or been to the strip club she worked at and filed for dismissal of her lawsuit.

Court documents showed that his attorney initially wanted Danica to pay his legal fees.

They also wanted her to post a statement saying her allegations were false on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Earlier in 2015, an uncovered police report revealed Josh was accused of molesting five minor females as a teen between 2002 and 2003.

His younger siblings Jill, 28, and Jessa, 27, came forward as victims. The scandal led to the cancellation of 19 Kids and Counting.

Months later, Josh was busted on the adultery website Ashley Madison.

He admitted to cheating on his wife and to being addicted to porn.

Josh checked into a Christian rehab center and the two went to marriage counseling.

They welcomed their sixth child, Maryella Hope, in November 2019.

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Troye Sivan's Nightly Skin Routine Includes Some Cult Favorites and a $326 Cologne

Troye Sivan’s #StayHome Nighttime Skincare Routine | Go To Bed With Me | Harper’s BAZAAR

Like many of us still struggling to make sense of this strange time, Troye Sivan is still adjusting to living back at home with his family in Australia — but at least he’s not letting his skin-care routine slip through the cracks. In a new video for Harper’s Bazaar, the singer gave fans a look at his nighttime routine, which is a combination of a some cult favorites, luxury products, and a few things he stole from his sister, Sage.

Sivan starts off the 7-minute video by wiping down his face with Neutrogena Makeup Remover Night Calming Cleansing Towelettes ($6) before cleansing with Kiehl’s Since 1851 Ultra Facial Oil-Free Cleanser ($21). He follows up by quickly shaving his face using Bulldog Original Shave Gel ($6), finishing with his sister’s Glossier Soothing Face Mist ($15).

The most interesting part of his routine, though, is toward the end when he reveals that he sprays himself with Fueguia Ett Hem Fragrance ($326) every night after coming across the fragrance at a hotel. “I always do a very light spray of cologne before bed,” he says. “I’ll kind of like walk into the mist.”

Watch Sivan’s full nighttime skin-care routine above.

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Brooks Laich Explains Why He’s Isolating in Idaho, Away From Wife Julianne Hough

Brooks Laich is explaining why he is quarantining in Idaho.

The 36-year-old former NHL player is currently at his property, which he owns with wife Julianne Hough, while she is quarantining separately in Los Angeles. He brought his husky, Koda.

Koda is awesome, man. I’m up in Idaho, I’m at my house in Idaho. I spend all day outside. I’m outside from like, 7:30 until 5 o’clock. I have 10-and-a-half acres here. Our property’s pretty big and I’ve just been doing a mass cleaning of it. Like, everything. Building some rock walls, chainsawing down some trees, clearing brush, you name it,” Brooks said on his iHeartRadio podcast, How Men Think, about how he took this opportunity to take care of his property.

“I’m about 15 minutes out of town. I have one neighbor that lives a couple hundred yards away, and then another neighbor that lives another couple hundred yards away, and that’s all that’s out here,” he added. “I see them when they walk their dogs a little bit, but don’t see them much. We’re practicing social distancing, but I’ve been good with the isolation.”

“I think I’m an introvert by nature, I love having my dog — if it wasn’t for my dog, I’d probably be a little more antsy with the isolation,” he continued. “I bought this place in 2014, and I’ve never spent enough time here. I come here like, a week a year and it’s my dream property. So I wanted to spend more time here.”

“The place needed an overhaul,” he continued. “It really needed a cleaning — a landscaping and a cleaning. It got overgrown, it’s kind of in the bush. … So I’ve really been able to manicure it and landscape it. And … with my dog, we have a yard in L.A. and we go for trail runs and stuff, but here he’s outside all day long.”

“I can fish any day,” Brooks continued. “And I have a buddy that I can go hunting with. … So there’s lots to do. And I just love being up here. I’ve never spent enough time here, so I’m doing okay with it. But I’ve always been that way, even when I was younger. When I was a young kid, I didn’t need to be around friends all the time. I liked it, I had great friends, I still have great friends to this day, but there’s a part of me that enjoys isolation and there’s a part of me that actually gets drained when I’m around too many people.”

He also added that he does “miss the friendships and companionships where you do get to hug somebody and be in the same room.”

If you missed it, Julianne was actually photographed with another male celeb during the quarantine.

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Why Bruce Willis Is Quarantining with Ex Demi Moore and Not His Wife

“It’s been really funny having both my parents at this house where they, like, raised us,” Scout said.

Scout Willis is opening up about why her dad Bruce Willis’ wife, Emma Heming, has been noticeably absent from the family quarantine in Idaho.

On a recent episode of her "Dopey" podcast, the 28-year-old revealed her stepmom had planned on joining the family in Sun Valley, Idaho, but was forced to stay behind in Los Angeles after one of her half-sisters poked her foot with a needle in the park.

"My stepmom was going to come up here too with my little sisters," Scout said on the self-help and comedy podcast, according to Us Weekly. "[But] my younger sister … [who has] never gotten a talk about not f–king with hypodermic needles…. she found [needles at a park and] she actually tried to poke her shoe with it and poked her foot. So my stepmom had to be in LA waiting to, like, get the results for taking her to the doctor."

Scout said her dad Bruce, 65, arrived early in Idaho, but "then travel got crazy" amid the coronavirus pandemic, leaving her stepmom to stay in LA with her little sisters. Bruce and Heming, 41, who married in 2009, share two daughters, Mabel, 8, and Evelyn, 5.

The news came after the family made headlines as Bruce has been quarantining with his ex-wife, Demi Moore, and their daughters, Rumer, 31, Scout and Tallulah, 26, as well as Scout and Tallulah’s boyfriends, Jake Miller and Dillon Buss.

chaotic neutral

A post shared by tallulah (@buuski) on

On her podcast, Scout said it’s been "so cool" spending time with her sisters and parents, who divorced 20 years ago.

"It’s been really funny having both my parents at this house where they, like, raised us," she explained. "It’s kind of divine time to just hang out with them…I’m very grateful to be with my family."

Scout added that the family communicates "so well now" because they are all sober. "I’m in a good place to deal with any emotional intensity that comes up with people."

Demi, 57, Bruce and their daughters have been quarantining in Idaho since early April and continue to share fun group photos on social media.

Tallulah first revealed her divorced parents were isolating together in an Instagram post on April 6 when she posted a photo of the exes, sister Scout, her boyfriend Dillon Buss and one of the family dogs rocking matching green and white striped pajamas.

"chaotic neutral," she captioned the pic, above.

Family bonding 💚

A post shared by Demi Moore (@demimoore) on

Two days later, Demi shared her own photo of the group along with Scout, Scout’s boyfriend Jake Miller, another friend, a number of dogs and some oversized silverware. "Family bonding," she wrote in the caption.

Bruce’s wife, Hemming, reacted to the post in the comments section, writing, "[Family bonding] at its finest … love and miss you guys."

In addition to posing for photos in matching pajamas, the group has been getting creative while social distancing. Earlier this month, Bruce showed off his grooming skills by giving daughter Tallulah a buzz cut while they quarantined together. The "Die Hard" actor took a pair of clippers to Tallulah’s head as one of his other daughters can be heard in the background saying, "You look like Joan of Arc, dude!"

Bruce and Demi were married from 1987 until their divorce in 2000, and have remained close as co-parenting champs.

"We felt more connected than we did before the divorce," she wrote of their relationship in her 2019 memoir "Inside Out."

Bruce even attended the launch of the book with Emma back in September.

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'Friday' Cast 25 Years Later: Who Has the Highest Net Worth?

“It’s Friday. You ain’t got no job. And you ain’t got sh*t to do.” That quote from Friday reflects a harsh reality for the characters depicted in the film. But it could not be further from the truth when it comes to the actors who played them. Friday turns 25 this April, and in the years since its 1995 release, the stars have remained busy charming fans with their work and earning plenty of cash in the process. But which entertainer has banked the most bucks? Here’s a snapshot of what else the key players from Friday have accomplished, plus an estimate of their net worth.

‘Friday’ scored a rock star cast and crew

Ice Cube co-wrote and executive produced Friday, withup-and-comer F. Gary Gray in the director’s chair. The visionaries behind thescenes assembled a talented cast of actors to bring the story to life.

Ice Cube starred as Craig, an unassuming young man who got fired on his day off. Nia Long played Debbie, the object of his affections. And rising megastar, Chris Tucker, brought Smokey to life. The character was a small-time dope dealer with a big personality.

Together, Ice Cube, Long, Tucker, and the supporting cast createdsome of the most memorable scenes in the sphere of comedy. They also capturedsuccess beyond Friday.

What is Chris Tucker’s Net Worth?

View this post on Instagram

Backstage MGM #urban1honors

A post shared by Ctuckerworld (@christucker) on

After Friday, Tucker worked consistently in bothstand-up comedy and film. Although he has roots in comedy, Tucker has alsodisplayed a knack for dramatic roles, including a supporting role in SilverLinings Playbook starring Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence.

The actor achieved remarkable success with the Rush Hour film series, co-starring martial arts legend, Jackie Chan. The buddy cop franchise brought three films to the big screen, and rumors point to a possible fourth installment. Currently, Tucker has an estimated net worth of $3 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

What is Nia Long’s Net Worth?

Long’s career was already on a trajectory for success before starring in Friday. After her breakout role in the 1991 film, Boyz in the Hood, the actress scored a series of comedic and dramatic roles in television and film. Some of Long’s most iconic television roles were on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, House of Lies, and NCIS: Los Angeles.

Long has a solid background in film that spans over three decades. She is a frequent collaborator with Ice Cube, and has co-starred in four films with him, including Boyz in the Hood, Friday, Are We There Yet?, and Are We Done Yet? The actress has at least three projects in development, which will undoubtedly add to her growing bottom line. Long’s estimated net worth is $13 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

What is Ice Cube’s Net Worth?

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All this hate is what I don’t recognize.

A post shared by Ice Cube (@icecube) on

Of the three principal actors from Friday, Ice Cube boasts the biggest bank account, according to Celebrity Net Worth. He began as a lyricist with the West Coast gangster rap group, N.W.A., and now has solidified himself as a bona fide media mogul.

Ice Cube is a multi-talented artist with roots in music andhis hands in many aspects of entertainment. He writes, directs, produces, and performson screen in comedic and dramatic roles. The superstar has at least sevenprojects in various stages of production and has shown no signs of slowingdown.

Some of Ice Cube’s most critically acclaimed films are Barbershop, 21 Jump Street, Trespass, Boyz n the Hood, and Friday. As a performer who has worked for over 30 years in music and movies, Ice Cube has amassed an estimated net worth of $160 million, as reported by Celebrity Net Worth.

In the 25 years since Friday, the stars who made themovie have continued working in entertainment, honing their craft, and boostingtheir bank accounts.

Read more: Top 25 Reasons to Watch ‘Friday’ on the 25th Anniversary of its Theatrical Release

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