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England's death rate is back to normal for the first time since March

England’s weekly death rate is finally back to normal for the first time since March after horrors of coronavirus, officials reveal Public Health England said deaths from all causes returned to normal for the first time since the outbreak Department of Health officials say the death toll now stands at 42,288 – but the true

There Might Be a Death Star Hidden in MCU's 'Black Panther'

It is common knowledge that Disney owns both Star Wars and Marvel, for better or for worse. Some say the synergy brought each franchise to new heights, while others say there’s too much of a corporate sameness running across all the Disney properties.  The crossover between the franchises surely has its fun side too. Fans

Britain's Covid-19 death toll moves closer to 50,000

Weekly coronavirus death toll in England and Wales drops to its LOWEST since lockdown began in March with 1,983 dead in the week ending May 22 as the total number of victims in Britain moves closer to 50,000 At least 47,871 people died with confirmed or suspected Covid-19 in all UK countries by May 22,

Death knell for Hong Kong

President Trump announced Friday he plans to “revoke Hong Kong’s preferential treatment,” as it’s “no longer sufficiently autonomous” from China. Good. As Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told Congress last week, Beijing has sounded the “death knell” for Hong Kong’s freedoms. The execution comes 27 years early: The UK-China treaty that shifted the territory to