FDA finds contamination in diabetes drug across several brands

Reducing the risks of diabetes

Dr. Mikhail Varshavski and the CyberGuy Kurt Knutsson on efforts to prevent diabetes.

WASHINGTON — U.S. health regulators are telling five drugmakers to recall their versions of a widely used diabetes medication after laboratory tests found elevated levels of a contaminant linked to cancer.

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The Food and Drug Administration said late Thursday that several batches of the drug metformin tested positive for unsafe levels of a chemical called N-Nitrosodimethylamine. The agency has stepped up testing after the chemical was found in dozens of shipments of heartburn drugs last year, triggering recalls of Zantac and other popular over-the-counter and prescription medications.


Metformin tablets are a staple of diabetes care, reducing excess sugar in the blood. People with Type 2 diabetes use metformin alone or with other drugs to help control their blood sugar levels. More than 34 million people in the U.S. have this disease.

Patients should continue taking metformin drugs until their doctor can prescribe a replacement, the FDA said in a statement, noting the risks of discontinuing. Regulators are still assessing whether the recalls will lead to shortages of metformin, but noted that a number of other companies make generic versions of the drugs that don't appear to be affected by the issue.

Drugmaker Apotex Corp. recalled its extended-release metformin distributed in the U.S. earlier this week after the FDA found contamination in one lot. Apotex said in a statement it recalled all supplies of the drug “out of an abundance of caution.” The company said it stopped selling the drug in the U.S. in February 2019 and that little remains on the market.

The FDA announcement did not name the four other drugmakers who have been requested to recall their products.


The agency noted that no contamination problems have been found in immediate-release metformin.

The FDA is responsible for ensuring that medicines for the U.S. market are made in safe, sanitary conditions that meet federal quality standards. But government inspectors have repeatedly criticized the agency for falling short in reviewing overseas manufacturing plants as the pharmaceutical supply chain has increasingly spread to Asia.

In March, the FDA suspended nearly all U.S. and foreign inspections due to safety concerns and travel restrictions caused by the coronavirus outbreak.

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NASA astronauts strap in for historic SpaceX rocket launch

Two NASA astronauts were being strapped in for a historic SpaceX rocket launch Wednesday afternoon — but the weather could still derail their trip.

Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken rolled up inside Teslas around 1:30 p.m. to launch pad 39A in Cape Canaveral, Fla., for a mission to the International Space Station with Elon Musk’s space venture that would mark the first time a private company has sent humans into orbit.

With less than three hours until the planned liftoff, the doors of their gull-winged Tesla Model X SUVs — built by another Musk business — opened outward and upward to let the space veterans onto the launch pad at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center.

Both men were already suited up, and took their seats inside the brand-new Dragon capsule, where crew members began strapping them in.

But the weather could potentially complicate the plans for the liftoff, which will be attended by President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence.

Blastoff is scheduled for 4:33 p.m., but launch controllers around midday put the chances of acceptable weather for liftoff at around 50-50 due to rain, clouds and thunderstorms.

If it goes ahead as planned, the mission will be the first time in nearly a decade that the country has launched astronauts into orbit from US soil.

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Space X, Falcon 9, Douglas Hurley, Robert BehnkenNASA astronauts Douglas Hurley and Robert Behnken head to launch Pad39A to board a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket during NASA's SpaceX Demo-2 mission to the International Space Station from NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Cape CanaveralSpaceX Falcon-9 Rocket And Crew Dragon Capsule Launches From Cape Canaveral Sending Astronauts To The International Space StationSpaceX Falcon-9 Rocket And Crew Dragon Capsule Launches From Cape Canaveral Sending Astronauts To The International Space StationU.S. Vice President Mike Pence, SpaceX founder Elon Musk and NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine are seen before the launch of a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket and Crew Dragon spacecraft at the Kennedy Space Center, in Cape CanaveralNASA astronauts Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken greet their families before the launch of a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket and Crew Dragon spacecraft at the Kennedy Space Center, in Cape CanaveralDonald Trump, Melania Trump

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Body of Ohio boy found in lake after he disappeared on Memorial Day

The body of a 5-year-old boy who disappeared from an Ohio campground on Memorial Day has been found, authorities said.

Cameron Walters was discovered Tuesday in water near a boat dock area at Mineral Springs Lake Resort in Peebles, where he was last seen Monday at about 5 p.m., WCPO reports.

Authorities searched for the boy using sonar and K-9s. More than 100 volunteers also scoured 13 miles of trails in the 350-acre campground in southwest Ohio, investigators told WCPO.

Investigators with the Adams County Sheriff’s Office do not suspect foul play in the boy’s death, the station reports.

Sgt. Mike Estep characterized the incident as a “terrible tragedy” in an alert sent out to surrounding counties.

It remain unclear if Walters — who could not swim, authorities have previously said — wandered off by himself, WXIX reports.

“Very emotional,” Estep said when asked about the boy’s relatives. “Very emotional. Very, very emotional.”

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New parent charged in college admissions case, agrees to guilty plea

Lori Loughlin, Mossimo Giannulli officially plead guilty in college admissions scandal

Actress Lori Loughlin and her designer husband Mossimo Giannulli will both serve prison time after paying to get their daughters into USC; Molly Line has an update.

A Pennsylvania man has agreed to plead guilty to bribing Georgetown University's former tennis coach $50,000 to get his daughter admitted as a fake athletic recruit, federal prosecutors announced Tuesday.

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Robert Repella, 61, of Ambler, Pennsylvania, was expected to plead guilty Tuesday to one count of conspiracy to commit mail fraud and honest services mail fraud. Prosecutors are recommending a sentence of 10 years in prison and a $40,000 fine.


Repella is the 55th person to be charged in the college admissions bribery scandal, but prosecutors say he was not involved with William “Rick” Singer, the alleged mastermind behind the sweeping nationwide scheme.

Charging documents released Tuesday allege that Repella paid Georgetown tennis coach Gordon Ernst $50,000 in 2017 to get his daughter admitted as an athlete. Ernst listed Repella's daughter as one of his recruits, prosecutors say, and she was admitted in 2018.

Prospective students tour Georgetown University’s campus in Washington in 2013. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

Ernst, who is accused of taking $2.7 million in bribes, has pleaded not guilty. He left Georgetown in 2017 after an internal investigation found he violated university admissions rules. He was later hired at the University of Rhode Island but resigned last year.


A Georgetown University spokeswoman did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Court documents did not say if Repella's daughter is a current student at the university.


Repella is the 26th parent to plead guilty in the case. Others include “Full House” actress Lori Loughlin and her fashion designer husband, Mossimo Giannulli, who agreed to plead guilty last week. A judge has yet to decide whether he'll accept deals they made with prosecutors.


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Who has owned the Vic in EastEnders? Past owners from Den Watts to Roxy Mitchell

EastEnders’ Queen Victoria is one of the most iconic pubs in TV history and has had a string of landlords and landladies over the years.

With current owners Mick and Linda Carter preparing to sell the Vic to Phil Mitchell, who were the previous queens and kings? Here’s everything you need to know…

Den and Angie Watts

When EastEnders first catapulted onto our screens back in 1985, the owners of the Queen Vic were none other than Den and Angie Watts. 

But a pub probably wasn’t the best home for fiery alcoholic Angie and things went downhill from there pretty quickly.

Tension between Den and Angie came to a nasty head when Den famously and savagely handed Angie divorce papers over Christmas dinner in the pub.

Frank Butcher and Pat Harris

Following the reign of Den and Angie, Frank Butcher and his girlfriend Pat Harris became the new managers of the pub in 1988.

But their reign over the Queen Vic lasted only two years before their happiness was compromised by crippling debts. 

Frank then disappeared in 1994, leaving Pat to pick up the pieces.

Eddie Royle

Former police officer Eddie Royle became the next owner of the pub in 1990, renting a room to barmaid Sharon Watts. 

But Eddie's copper past meant he had a hard time winning over the trust of the locals.

The landlord met an unfortunate end when he was stabbed to death by nasty Nick Cotton while walking his pet poodle Roly.

Sharon Watts and the Mitchell brothers

Sharon bought the Vic in 1991 and moved in with her husband Grant and brother-in-law Phil following Eddie’s death.

But she was quick to put a spanner in the works by having an affair with Phil right under Grant’s nose.

After Sharon’s marriage with Grant crumbled, Peggy Mitchell took over the reigns of the pub. 

Dan Sullivan

Phil sold his share of the pub to dodgy dealer Dan Sullivan in 1999 for a measly fiver – just to spite his mum Peggy – after failing to get his booze problem under control, making Dan the co-owner with Peggy.

But Dan turned out to be an evil character when he romanced Carol Jackson while having an affair with her daughter Bianca. 

Phil eventually bought back his share of the pub from Dan after challenging his nemesis to a card game.

Steve Owen 

Steve then muscled in on the pub’s ownership just to spite Phil.

Everyone was stunned when Steve was revealed as Sharon’s business partner when she bought the pub back off debt-ridden Peggy in 2001. 

But Steve was eventually forced to sell his stake back to the Mitchells when his wife Mel was abducted by Dan Sullivan as revenge for Phil tricking him out of being joint landlord in the card game.

Chrissie Watts

In 2004, Den Watts blackmailed his way back into the pub.

But a few months after he moved in with his wife Chrissie, she hit Den over the head with an iron doorstep before secretly burying him. 

When Den’s body was dug up, Chrissie made plans for a quick escape and sold the pub to Ian Bale. 

Ian Beale 

Unfortunately for Ian, his ownership of the pub was ripped away from him when Chrissie admitted to faking Den’s signature on the documents after bumping Den off. 

Peggy Mitchell

With Ian out of the picture, Sharon inherited the pub from Den and signed it over to Peggy who became the landlady yet again.

Archie Mitchell

On Christmas Eve in 2009, Peggy’s estranged husband Archie Mitchell and his new fiancee Janine Butcher took over the pub. 

But on Christmas Day, Archie was murdered by Stacey Fowler – then Branning – after raping her.

Roxy Mitchell

Archie’s death left the pub in the hands of his daughter Roxy.

But after a few months of struggling with the reigns, Roxy admitted she wasn’t up to the job and handed the pub back to Peggy. 

Alfie Moon

After Phil set fire to the pub in 2010 in a drug-fuelled rage, Peggy left the Square with her tail between her legs and signed ownership over to Phil. 

Phil then got his act together and renovated the pub before renting it to Alfie Moon and his wife Kat.

Alife and Kat enjoyed several years as the landlords of the pub. 

But Phil decided to sell the pub to get one over on Alfie when he treated his cousin Roxy badly in the wake of his split from Kat.

The Carters

Mick Carter bought the pub off Phil on Christmas Day in 2013. 

But with Linda battling a drinking problem that was threatening to rip the Carters apart, in March 2020 Mick decided the best thing for her recovery would be to move on to pastures new. 

EastEnders fans know that Phil has his eye on the pub as a fresh start for him and Sharon, but that he's yet to seal the deal.

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Girl, 3, drowns in a swimming pool ‘after her family got distracted with another child’ during a party at an Airbnb – The Sun

A THREE-year-old girl has died after slipping into a swimming pool while her family was distracted by another child at a gathering over the weekend.

About 12 people got together for the backyard party at an Airbnb home in Arizona on Saturday afternoon when the toddler quietly went underwater, authorities said.

"Multiple children" under the age of 10 were in the backyard, distracting the adults at the party, fire officials told KSAZ.

"Approximately 12 family members including multiple children under the age of 10 were in the back yard when the toddler slipped into the pool unnoticed," the Glendale Fire Department said in a news release Saturday night.

"The family members were reportedly distracted by another child when the toddler slipped into the pool unnoticed."

After some time, the child was taken from the pool and a family member performed CPR on the little girl.

A neighbor, who is a nurse, overhead the commotion and performed CPR until emergency crews arrived, according to the news station.

When crews arrived, the little girl didn't have a pulse and wasn't breathing on her own, the fire department said.

The child died at the hospital hours later, and crisis response teams were at the scene helping the girl's distraught family, KSAZ reported.

The fire department noted there was no pool fence at the home.

"This is a good time to remind people to designate a water watcher when having a gathering," fire officials said.

"Someone who's (sic) entire responsibility is to watch the water. It only takes a few seconds for a child to go under the water undetected."

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Who’s in Netflix's Snowpiercer cast for season one?

UK fans of the show Snowpiercer are in for a treat as the show will be released on Netflix on Monday May 25.

The dystopian sci-fi thriller is based on the 2013 film, from Korean director Bong Joon-ho, and 1982 French graphic novel, Le Transperceneige.

The plot of Snowpiercer, which is set on a perpetually moving train that holds the survivors of a second ice age, sees characters of Layton Well and Melanie Cavill central to the plot.

The show is set seven years after the events of the 2013 film, which ended in a major act of back-end sedition with the derailment of the train by way of an explosion-triggered avalanche.

Snowpiercer was developed by Avatar 2 and Terminator: Dark Fate co-writer Josh Freidman and questions class warfare, social injustice, and the politics of survival in a new dystopian world.

Who is in the cast of Snowpiercer?

Daveed Diggs as Layton Well

Daveed Diggs plays quiet prisoner Kayton Well, who is barely surviving the harsh conditions in the tail end of the train.

He is a rapper in experimental hip-hop group Clipping, and won a Grammy Award and Tony Award for his portayal of Thomas Jefferson in Broadway musical Hamilton.

Since leaving the musical in 2016, he has had a recurring role on the television series Black-ish, and co-starred in the film Wonder.

Jennifer Connelly as Melanie Cavill

Jennifer Connelly takes the lead female role of Melanie Cavill, a first class passenger and the Voice of the Train, who makes the PA system's daily announcements.

Jennifer made her film acting debut in Sergio Leone's 1984 gangster epic Once Upon a Time in America and has starred in films such as Requiem for a Dream, A Beautiful Mind and Hulk.

Mickey Sumner as Bess Till

Brit actor Mickey Sumner, the daughter of Sting and Trudie Styler,  will play emphatic and savvy brakeman Bess Till, a key part of the train’s security force.

Sumner has had recurring roles on AMC’s series Low Winter Sun, and on Showtime’s series The Borgias.

Annalise Basso as LJ Anderson

Basso will play LJ Anderson, a quiet, diligent, Midwestern girl who lives with her parents in a fourth-class cabin and works in the greenhouse car.

Poor but not as desperate as those that live in the tail of the train, LJ has made peace with her daily routine until a major event shakes up her world.

Other cast members include:

Alison Wright

Alison Wright plays careful and quiet, but pragmatic and independent thinker Lilah Anderson who must come to realize her own strength.

Benjamin Haigh

Benjamin Haigh plays Fergus McConnell, an impoverished passenger who lives in the back of the train and does his best to contribute to the daily struggles of life in this poorest section of the train.

Susan Park

Jinju, the head chef at the train's finest restaurant, and a member of the elite, is played by Susan Park.

Lena Hall

Lena Hall plays train archivist and upper level management figure, Sayori.

When is Snowpiercer on Netflix?

The show willbe released on Netflix for fans in the UK from tonight, Monday, 25th May, 2020.

It will consist of ten episodes, the first two will be released tonight, and the following eight episodes will be shown weekly there-after.

Snowpiercer was aired at the earlier date of May 17, 2020, in the US on American network TNT.

What's on Netflix and Amazon Prime?

Looking for a new Netflix series to binge or the best movies to watch on Amazon Prime? We have you covered…

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  • The best series to watch on Amazon Prime




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Tom Daley’s mum has moved in to help look after one-year-old son Robert in lockdown, says husband Dustin Lance Black – The Sun

TOM Daley's husband Dustin Lance Black revealed his mother-in-law has moved in with them to help look after their one-year-old son Robert.

Dustin, 45, chatted to Good Morning Britain presenter Lorraine Kelly today about supporting the LGBT+ community when he opened up on his lockdown life with Olympic star Tom, 26, in South London.

He spoke about Tom's amazing mum Debbie who has been giving them a helping hand, after moving in to be closer to her grandson.

Dustin said: "He's getting huge, he's nearly two years old, he's telling us how to run this house. We're really lucky that Tom's mum has isolated with us this entire time.

"All of a sudden I'm less lonely because I can hear the pitter patter of tiny feet above my head, and Tom is doing his workouts.

"I'm surrounded by family, I'm really luckt. We're really lucky."

Later, Tom, who has taken up knitting in lockdown, gatecrashed Dustin's chat after doing a sweaty workout off camera, and the couple looked so loved-up

Baby Robert Ray been given the name of Tom's late dad, who died of a brain tumour in 2011.

The couple welcomed Robert Ray Black-Daley in 2018 after the couple retained the services of a surrogate mum so they could become parents.

The couple  married in May 2017, and announced they were expecting a child via a surrogate in the US – but said they did not want to know who the biological father is.

Tom told the Times that they had both provided sperm to fertilise their surrogate's eggs – and hinted that a second child could be on the cards.

He said: "We found an egg donor and we are the sperm donors, we have fertilised half the eggs each.

"We put in a boy embryo and a girl embryo and we don't know whose is whose.

"The next time we will do it the other way around."

At the time Tom hit back at critics who sniped at the use of a surrogate.

He said: “There are lots of people in this world that can’t have kids, whether it’s due to fertility issues or health issues, whatever it may be, I don’t think there would be as much drama if it was a straight couple.”

Dustin has also said they want to have “biological connection” to their child.

He said: “There was something for both of us where we felt deeply that we’d like to complete that connection first when creating our family, and to have a biological connection to our past, to bring that into our present and let that grow into the future.

"At least at first, for the first couple.”

The American film director and writer has previously revealed their newborn would be raised in London, after they made the "difficult" decision to settle in the UK.


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Ferrari sports car left in crumpled heap after crash with London bus

Ferrari 488 Pista sports car worth up to £250,000 is left in a crumpled heap after crash with London bus in 20mph zone near Trafalgar Square

  • A Ferrari 448 Pista was involved in a collision with a London bus on Sunday
  • The incident took place on Northumberland Avenue near Trafalgar Square 
  • The front of the sports car, which is worth up to £250,000, was badly damaged
  • It appeared to collide with the right-hand side of the route 91 London bus
  • UK rapper Swarmz was at the scene but it is not known whether he was involved

A Ferrari crashed into a London bus in a 20mph street in central London on Sunday. 

Photographs of the incident show the sports car, a Ferrari 448 Pista valued at around £250,000, in a damaged condition on Northumberland Avenue near Trafalgar Square. 

The Ferrari collided with a number 91 bus, which travels along a route between Tottenham Road in north London and Trafalgar Square. 

There have been no reports of any injuries as of yet, but some footage of the collision’s aftermath shows one person being looked at by medical professionals.

A Ferrari sports car (front), believed to be a 448 Pista worth around £250,000, was involved in a collision with a London bus (back) in central London

The incident took place on Northumberland Avenue, a 20mph zone near Trafalgar Square, on Sunday

A bystander, who goes by the name ‘@DickieTicker’ on Twitter, said on social media that police, ambulance services and the fire brigade were called to the scene. 

Street cleaners in Westminster were also called to clear up the mess. 

Famous British rapper Swarmz, who has over 1 million followers on social media, put up an Instagram story showing he was at the scene of the crash, but it is not clear whether the artist was driving the car or was involved in the incident.

Photographs from the scene showed the front of the Ferrari severely damaged, with the hood of the car almost completely separated from the rest of the vehicle. 

The front bumper of the sports car, including its headlights, had been detached from the sports car following the collision, while the airbag behind the steering wheel had also burst out.

Meanwhile, the right hand side of the London bus was badly damaged in the incident.  

Under the Vision Zero project created by Mayor of London Sadiq Khan, Transport for London and the Metropolitan Police in March, all central London roads managed by TfL in the Congestion Charging Zone have a 20mph speed limit. 

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Coronavirus in Sport LIVE: Premier League boost after just two more positive tests, La Liga return, British Grand Prix – The Sun

THE Premier League is a step closer after the return of players to training, and there's been a boost after only two more positive tests.

Out of 996 tests conducted last week, two people came back positive, from two different clubs.

Meanwhile La Liga is setting a much brisker pace as it has pencilled in June 12 for the first fixture back – Sevilla vs Betis.

Follow all the latest coronavirus in sport updates below…



    Project Restart was boosted last night with news of just two more positive tests in the Premier League.

    Out of 996 tests conducted last week, two people came back positive, from two different clubs.

    In the first round of testing, six players and staff from three different clubs were found to have Covid-19, from 748 samples.

    A statement read: “The Premier League can today confirm that on Tuesday 19 May, Thursday 21 May and Friday 22 May, 996 players and club staff were tested for Covid-19.

    “Of these, two have tested positive from two clubs.”

    Meanwhile, Former FA and Arsenal chief David Dein says next season should run from February until November.

    He says rewriting the football calendar would give leagues the time they need to finish the postponed campaigns safely.

    He said: “I’d like to see next season recalibrated. One reason is we don’t know what’s going to happen.

    “Will this season actually be able to finish in June and July? I wouldn’t put pressure on ourselves. If we have to, let’s finish this season in October or November.”

    In other news, the NBA have a Mickey Mouse idea to resume the basketball season – a trip to Disneyland.

    Top-class US sports have been on pause since March following the Covid-19 crisis, but NBA top brass are in talks to resume the season at Florida’s Disney World Resort in late July.


    Tom Cleverley warns Project Restart is in “jeopardy” if a host of players test positive for Covid-19 in the next phase.

    The former England midfielder Cleverley declared: “Phase one is as safe as going to the supermarket.

    “But in phase two, you could be rubbing shoulders with 15, 20 guys on the same day.

    “So if we get into phase two and there’s a sudden spike in positive cases, that puts the whole thing in jeopardy.

    “Let’s wait for the information and the schedule on phase two and see if the players are happy with it.”


    Jack Cork has insisted most players back the return of the Premier League despite initial concerns over Project Restart.

    He said: “Of course we all spoke about it on the Zoom calls and we all wanted to get back.

    “The way they’ve gone about it has been great and our testing didn’t affect the NHS ones because it was all done separately.

    “People had concerns but we all came to the decision that we were happy with how it was all being done.

    “There are key workers and NHS staff putting themselves at a lot more risk, putting themselves in danger, but we’re in one of the safest environments, so were all happy to do so.”


    Premier League clubs are being asked to pump a staggering £200million into the EFL to save  their skins.

    The size of the bailout has stunned top-flight chiefs who could have to find £10m each.

    The idea — backed by Government ministers — would mean a one-off payment for the 71 distressed poor relations.

    This is in addition to the previous solidarity payments made by Premier League clubs and after an agreement last month that the big boys would advance those payments of £125m to help smaller clubs.


    Former FA and Arsenal chief David Dein says next season should run from February until November.

    He says rewriting the football calendar would give leagues the time they need to finish the postponed campaigns safely.

    And Dein believes a season starting in 2021 could have fans in stadiums.

    In a virtual talk to pupils for the Speakers For Schools charity, ex-FA and Gunners vice-chairman Dein said: “I’d like to see next season recalibrated. One reason is we don’t know what’s going to happen.

    “Will this season actually be able to finish in June and July? I wouldn’t put pressure on ourselves. If we have to, let’s finish this season in October or November.

    “We’d give ourselves ample time for the players to have a break. I’d like to see next season run from February to November. With luck, we could be in a position to have fans back.”


    The NBA have a Mickey Mouse idea to resume the basketball season – a trip to Disneyland.

    Top-class US sports have been on pause since March following the COVID-19 crisis.

    However, NBA top brass are in talks to resume the season at Florida’s Disney World Resort in late July.

    The Disney ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex in Orlando, Florida could be used as a “single site for games, practices and housing” to cut down on team travel across the States.

    NBA spokesperson Mike Bass said: “Our priority continues to be the health and safety of all involved.

    “And we are working with public health experts and government officials on a comprehensive set of guidelines to ensure that appropriate medical protocols and protections are in place.”


    The Premier Leaue have announced the results of the second round of Covid-19 testing.

    A statement read: “The Premier League can today confirm that on Tuesday 19 May, Thursday 21 May and Friday 22 May, 996 players and club staff were tested for Covid-19.

    “Of these, two have tested positive from two clubs.

    “Players or club staff who have tested positive will now self-isolate for a period of seven days.”


    Basketball star Steph Curry has insisted he is “absolutely” ready to return to action.

    The Golden State Warriors guard said: “Absolutely. I think yes.

    “I think we've had so many conversations and they're going to continue, to unfold as more information comes out, as everybody understands how to do it safely, as best you can.”

    When asked about potentially playing against an opponent that had tested positive for Covid-19, he said: “Boy, that would be tough.”


    Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang will race in Sunday's Monaco Grand Prix for McLaren – but only on a computer game.

    F1's season has not even started due to the coronavirus pandemic but they are running virtual GPs.

    This week they should be racing around Monte Carlo but have to settle for an online version where the Arsenal striker will partner British racer, Lando Norris.

    He said: “I've been practicing but it's really hard! I've tried to train every day – hopefully Lando will help me because some of the turns are really, really hard.

    “I said to my team before that I love challenges, and this one is a big one for me, so I'm happy to do it with Lando.”


    Ryan Giggs fears he will not see his Wales stars for 18 MONTHS due to coronavirus.

    He told  MUTV Group Chat: “Potentially we won’t have been together for over a year, it could be 18 months if it goes to March which isn’t ideal.

    “We are supposed to play games in September, October and November which is obviously up in the air at the moment.

    “We still don’t know.”


    Jockeys will be required to wear masks when racing returns on June 1.

    The British Horseracing Authority have released a 33-page document outlining the measures that will be in place.

    Trainers have also been urged against entering any “difficult” or “fractious” horses as only two stall handlers wil be allowed.

    The BHA will also appoint social distancing officers.


    Bayern Munich are in cruise control.

    Hans-Dieter Flick's side look set to extend their lead at the top of the table.


    The trilogy fight between Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury could take place in the Far East before the end of the year, according to reports.

    Both fights between the pair have so far been held in the United States, but a new option has been presented.

    According to talkSPORT's Michael Benson, a lucrative offer is on the table from the Far East to host the WBC heavyweight title bout.

    He tweeted: “Told by Frank Warren that Bob Arum has informed him they've now received an offer from a territory in the Far East to host Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder III at the back end of this year.”


    Fear not sport-deprived footy fans, SunSport have got you covered.

    Click here to tune into our dedicated live blog of Bayern Munich vs Frankfurt.

    Kick-off was at 5:30pm, so get a move on!


    Spartak Moscow have confirmed two of their players have tested positive for coronavirus.

    A statement from the club on Twitter read: “On Thursday, football players, coaching staff and staff members were tested for Covid-19.

    “Results showed abnormalities in two players.”


    Tyson Fury has told Dillian Whyte to keep his trap shut – and reckons he is only being mouthy because he is “protected” by the coronavirus lockdown.

    Whyte continued his war of words with the Gypsy King this week by claiming he knocked him down in sparring.

    In response, the Gypsy King said on Twitter: “Funny how everyone wants to fight during Covid-19, when there are no sports events happening.

    “Also I have a contract with the @bronzebomber first and when I win that I'll have the fight with Joshua as undisputed comes before mandatory. Happy hunting.”


    As reported by SunSport this morning, Borussia Monchengladbach's home clash with Bayer Leverkusen is being played in front of 13,000 cut out fans.


    Spanish prime minister Pedro Sanchez has confirmed that LaLiga will return on June 8.

    The league’s president Javier Tebas has been desperate to follow the Bundesliga’s lead and resume the 2019-20 season.

    And with LaLiga clubs having stepped up their training this week – now allowed to do so in groups of up to ten – Sanchez has officially given the green light to a June 8 return in a press conference.

    All 20 teams have 11 games remaining, with Barcelona leading Real Madrid by two points at the top of the table.


    It's just 30 minutes until the first of today's FIVE German football games kick-off and Borussia Dortmund's top flight clash with Wolfsburg might just be the pick of the bunch.


    Chelsea stars Kepa and Marcos Alonso are due to be warned over social distancing for standing too close to fans while posing for photos.


    Paul Pogba's agent Mino Raiola has opened talks with Juventus ahead of a potential summer move, according to reports in France.

    The France star, 27, has been pushing for a “new challenge” since last summer – with Real Madrid and Juventus both keen.

    But Raiola appears to prefer a move back to his former club for Pogba, with Le10Sport claiming he has kicked off talks with the Serie A giants.


    Nick Kyrgios revealed he usually has sex with fans once a week.

    The Australian tennis star, 25, was most recently dating fellow player Anna Kalinskaya.

    But the pair called things off in March and Kyrgios said outside of relationships he will regularly hook up with supporters.

    During a live stream playing Fortnite at home in Australia, he was asked if he has ever slept with a fan.

    Kyrgios replied: “Yes.

    “In all seriousness if I'm not seeing someone it's like a weekly thing.”


    Liverpool are closing in on a £52million deal for Germany sensation Timo Werner.

    Sources say the transfer of the RB Leipzig striker is “happening”.

    Boss Jurgen Klopp is desperate to sign the hitman and plans to bring in £52m by selling Roma-target Xherdan Shaqiri, Harry Wilson and Marko Grujic.

    German newspaper Bild's Head of Football Christian Falk believes Werner's switch to Liverpool will happen this summer.

    He told lfctransferroom: “According to our information, the clause is 55 million as a base value and can grow to 60 million if RB Leipzig makes it into the Champions League.

    “And yes, I think this transfer is happening. Interestingly, Werner now has a new Social Media and Marketing agency.The boss of this agency is also Jurgen Klopp’s manager.”


    Frank Lampard says football must only return when it is safe after N'Golo Kante refused to return to training over safety fears.

    He told BBC Football Focus: “Safety has to come first. Once we get over Phase One, see what Phase Two looks like and beyond that, then we can think about getting the games back, albeit behind-closed-doors.

    “All of us here we want to do it, it's our job, we are very fortunate to have this job, to play football, and we want to finish it.

    “But we have seen much more important things in the country and the world than football happen and I think that has been a bit of a reset for all of us.

    'What remains is we want to play football and what remains of this season, but as you say the most important thing is when it is safe and healthy for players and staff.

    “Fans won't be coming but will it change things for society with the police and the NHS? All these things need to come together and hopefully we can get our game back.”


    Manchester United have been dealt a major transfer blow after reports emerged suggest Bayern Munich are after Jadon Sancho.

    The Borussia Dortmund and England winger, 20, is high on the Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's wish list after his stunning performances since moving to Germany in 2017.

    But according to ESPN, Dortmund's Bundesliga enemies Bayern Munich enquired about a deal for Sancho before the coronavirus crisis struck.

    Dortmund value their star at more than £100million – although Bayern would no doubt have to play a premium on top of that if they wanted to sign from their fiercest domestic rivals.

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