Real estate mogul David Adelman hosts star-studded Wine Wednesday

Real estate mogul David Adelman hosted a Wine Wednesday virtual gathering for a VIP crowd, including NFL star Todd Gurley, Giants legend Tiki Barber, Pacers point guard T.J. McConnell and 76ers player Tobias Harris, as well as p.r. pro Ron Berkowitz, Kevin Durant’s manager Rich Kleiman and LeBron James’ business guru Maverick Carter.

Guests were all delivered the same wines from Napa vintner Bond to compare during the power powwow. Adelman posted: “These wine (and sometimes tequila) nights are keeping me sane during these times. Great night talking wine, sports, business and culture.”

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Sources Dished on the Real Reason Kristin Cavallari's Quitting 'Very Cavallari'

In the midst of what’s turned out to be a pretty messy divorce, Kristin Cavallari just hit Instagram to reveal that she’s quitting her popular E! reality series Very Cavallari. The star didn’t give that much info about why she was saying goodbye to the show, but sources are out here telling Us Weekly that it has everything to do with her divorce from Jay Cutler.

Per the source, “Kristin couldn’t do a reality show without addressing the divorce and she doesn’t want this to unfold on camera. It’s not what she wants to go through.” On top of that, Kristin fully made the “decision to pull the plug” on Very Cavallari, as opposed to Jay or E!.

Meanwhile, the actress/designer wrote the following goodbye to fans on IG:

Kristin’s divorce from Jay has been a huge source of drama thanks to marital misconduct allegations and cheating rumors, though it looks like Kristin’s finally moved out of the house they’ve been sharing—so at least there’s that!

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Real life castaways: Five people stranded on remote island during pandemic

Five do-gooders have been stranded on a remote Burmese island since March and have no way of getting off due to the international lockdown caused by COVID-19.

Natalie Poole, 35, from Devon, England, arrived on the Myanmar isle of Kyun Pila on March 19, expecting to stay just one month as she and four other volunteers worked to protect a nearby coral reef. The group is now trapped with no housing or amenities while they wait for rescue.

Poole, a scuba instructor and substitute teacher, told the Mirror the group was supposed to be transported off the island on May 5 but their boat was cancelled when Thailand extended its lockdown.

“The hardest thing for me has been not knowing how long we’re going to be here,” Poole said. “It’s kind of up and down, we’re a very small group of people and we’re living in a very confined, close situation. In the back of our minds is obviously families back home and stuff, which adds to the tension a little bit. We’re just trying to take things day by day.”

The group, comprised of two women and three men from England, Hungary, Canada, Malaysia and France, are volunteers with the environmental group Ocean Quest Global — and in full survival mode.

The crew has constructed a camp out of trash and plastic found washed up on the beach and live in huts they constructed out of bamboo, rice sacks and bottles. To survive they dug a well, created a fire pit, and forage for most of their food, including yams, jackfruit and other vegetation to supplement sporadic food deliveries.

“We have to be very aware of how much we consume, we are eating very basic food and really having to make it last,” Poole said, noting there have been days when the group has gone hungry.

The nearest human settlement is a resort on the island of Kyun Pila, Awei Pila, a 15 minute dinghy sail away — where the group can access water, showers and a patchy wifi signal.

Poole, who spends most of her days combing the island beaches for trash, is hoping for a rescue before the rainy season hits — and before tempers flare.

“I learned that no matter how Zen and chilled I had thought I was, in moments of solitude and difficult moments of physical and mental tiredness, I still lose control and stop being mindful and calm,” Poole told the paper. “That no matter how friendly and cheerful I usually am, when I am locked down on a relatively small island with strangers, I become moody, grumpy and little motivated.”

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‘Maskne’ is real! How to fight breakouts if your mask is causing acne

Wearing a mask can get under your skin.

Ever since face coverings became a mandatory part of life, a nasty side effect has broken out in its wake: “Maskne.” The new phrase — which combines the words “mask” and “acne” — has recently sprung up all over social media as people suffering from the new kind of blemish are venting their woes about the skin care snafu.

“Shout-out to my fellow nurses as well as other health-care workers who are back in their teenage years covered with mask acne. I feel you,” writes Kayla Pyrah in a May 6 Instagram post.

Another user laments that “my mask is causing me to break out” and that maskne has become a “problem that I never thought I would have,” in an Instagram post from April 30.

But the problem isn’t just affecting hormonal teens, acne-prone adults or health-care workers wearing heavy duty N95 medical masks for hours at a time. Skin experts are noticing a major zit spike in clients who have never battled pimples in the past.

“The fact that we’re keeping something on such a sensitive area of the face . . . even people who haven’t suffered with a skin situation before are now dealing with the implications of that,” says New York City aesthetician Sofie Pavitt, who has been conducting dozens of remote acne consultations for clients while her Canal Street studio is closed due to the stay-at-home order.

And people’s self-confidence is plummeting, thanks to platforms like Zoom which force them to look at their own reflections more than ever.

“FaceTiming with family or attending a conference call on Zoom and not feeling good about what you see in that reflection in the camera right now everyone is struggling emotionally,” says Upper East Side dermatologist Dr. Whitney Bowe. “Skin issues are very much an exacerbating factor when it comes to mental health issues.”

Maskne — which is referred to as acne mechanica by derms — is caused by the combination of rubbing from the mask, which irritates the skin barrier, as well as the hot moisture trapped inside, which dilates the pores and allows bacteria and oil to clog them up. Once the follicles are trapped with gunk, they become inflamed, leading to nasty breakouts.

“We’ve seen it a lot with athletes . . . [like] people wearing a helmet, a baseball cap or even with certain instruments that rest against the chin area,” says Bowe. If left untreated, the mask, “which is a breeding ground for yeast and bacteria . . . could lead to infections that then require a prescription medication to clear it up.”

But before you even worry about tackling the bacterial buildup beneath the mask, make sure yours is clean.

“If you’re wearing a cloth mask, you want to wash it frequently . . . especially if you’re exercising,” says Bowe. If you’re using a disposable surgical mask, she suggests letting it dry out for 24 hours before wearing it again.

A diligent skin care regimen will help the skin bounce back from mask-inflicted congestion. Bowe advises you wash your face before and after wearing a mask, and choose a gentle skin cleanser that is free of harsh sulfates which can strip the skin of its protective oils.

“Massage it in with fingertips only — no loofah or abrasive scrubs right now,” says Bowe. “Then you want to pat dry with a clean towel.”

Follow up with a lightweight, fragrance-free moisturizer with ingredients like glycerin and niacinamide that help strengthen the skin barrier. Bowe also suggests waiting at least 15 minutes before putting on a mask so the skin can fully absorb the product.

“It’s hard to get that great seal of your mask if your skin is slippery from the cream,” says Bowe.

To treat an existing bout of maskne, Pavitt suggests stripping back all the aggressive ingredients in your routine — like serums and peels — and to instead incorporate salicylic acid, or another beta hydroxy acid, to clean out the pores. Just “limit the amount of acids used in the mouth area to prevent irritation,” she says.

Bowe recommends an exfoliating mask, such as Drunk Elephant’s “Babyfacial” ($80 at Sephora) in the evening once a week max, followed up by a night cream to restore moisture. Finish with a hydrating lip balm or serum to minimize chapping.

Although the steps seem tedious, experts believe the mask way of life is the new normal.

“This is something that we’re going to have to get used to. I don’t see us not wearing any masks anytime soon,” says Pavitt. “So it’s important to know how to react to it.”

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The real reason you shouldn’t try self-cleaning hair

If you’re stuck at home, you might be tempted to start a new beauty routine. But if it’s self-cleaning hair you’re thinking about, you might want to go back to the drawing board.

The no ‘poo (shampoo) movement was born from the the belief that regular shampooing strips hair of natural oils that would otherwise keep it healthy. Others had wanted to limit their exposure to chemicals which could be found in their toiletries. There were even those who thought that rejecting shampoo meant turning their backs on the pressure to spend on commercial beauty products (via Healthline).

The self-cleaning method takes the no ‘poo method to a whole new level. In case you’re curious to hear about how you might get your hair to self-clean, here’s what happens: You do nothing. Absolutely nothing. You drop your shampoo, conditioning, and styling products and just let your hair go. Proponents of the self-cleaning method admit that your hair and scalp will get gross, but you need to power through it. Self-cleaning hair is supposed to allow nature to take its course, and give your hair a break from the chemicals found in different products. After a while, the natural oils in your hair and scalp are supposed to work themselves out in a process that will take around six weeks (via Metro).

Getting hair to self-clean is an old wives' tale

So… does it work? Dermatologist Rebecca Baxt told Slate that she’s seen more people coming in who have more dead skin buildup on their heads, a result of attempts to make hair clean itself. Patients also say their scalps look drier, feel itchier, and look flakier than ever — the very same problems self-cleaning are meant to avoid. In short, medical professionals like Joshua Zeichner of Mount Sinai Hospital also told Slate that the idea that your hair will rebalance itself after a (long) period of no washing is, at best, an “old wives’ tale,” because hair washing is actually meant to be a way of caring for your scalp.

Proponents of the self-cleaning method have admitted that abstaining from a hair wash isn’t for everyone, like if you live in the city and are always on public transport, or anyone with fine, lanky hair (via Metro). But from the sound of things, your hair (or scalp) aren’t able to self-clean at all, making this a method that all of us can’t really get behind.

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Real Housewives of Cheshire season 11- start date, cast and first look

THE Real Housewives of Cheshire is back for season 11 bringing with it the returning cast of glamorous ladies and a new feisty member of the cast.

Nicole Sealey, the daughter of late Manchester united goalkeeper Les Sealey is hoping to ruffle some feathers with her honesty and direct approach. Here is everything you need to know about the latest series…

When is Real Housewives of Cheshire on TV?

The Real Housewives of Cheshire returns to our screens TONIGHT (Monday, April 20) at 9pm on ITVBe.

This is series 11 of the popular reality show and follows the lives of the glamorous ladies of Cheshire.

Promising more fun and frolics, the new series will run for 10 episodes and then be followed by the Reunion Show.

Made by BAFTA award-winning producers, Monkey it has proved hugely popular with viewers and was recommissioned for another series by ITV head, Paul Mortimer.

Who is in the cast?

All of the original cast members are set to return to the show with a couple of new faces too.

The cast are as follows…

  • Dawn Ward- One of the original cast members and wife of retired footballer Ashley, she returns for the eleventh series.
  • Ester Dohnalova- she was introduced to fans in series five and has caused quite a stir with her controversial love-life.
  • Hanna Kinsella- Hanna joined the cast in series eight and is a housewife and a cosmetic dentist, she is married to fellow dentist Dr Martin Kinsella.
  • Rachel Lugo- This property landlady joined the series in season six.
  • Seema Malhotra- is a fashion brand manager of Forever Unique running it with her husband Sandeep.
  • Tanya Bardsley- who has also been on the show since the very first episode and is married to Stoke City footballer Phil Bardsley also makes her return.
  • Lauren Simon- mother and domestic goddess returns to the show.
  • Christine McGuinness- the former Miss Liverpool is married to comic and TV presenter Paddy McGuinness and will return as a guest.
  • Nicole Sealey- is a new addition to the series, a business woman and mother married to Joe, son of Manchester United legend Les Sealey.

What will happen in season 11?

The new series will pick up at busy Warford Hall where Dawn and the Ward family are starting to plan Darby's wedding.

Meanwhile, it's time for Ester to move out as she questions her place in Cheshire and what lies ahead for her future.

Newlyweds Martin and Hanna start to consider their future plans to have children and the impact it might have on their 'perfect' relationship.

After the breakdown of her marriage, Rachel decides to dip her toes in the dating scene again.

Seema and Tanya are ready to try and expand their business venture but will Tanya's new crystal business bring her the excitement she craves?

How will Lauren settle back in to the fold and what will newcomer Nicola bring to the party?

Monkey executive producer, Mike Swindells says of the new series: "Now in its 11th series, the show is going from strength to strength. We're particularly excited about having Lauren back in the mix."

He added: "Nicole is another great addition….This is a great opportunity to add another voice to the group and further develop the established relationships amongst the Cheshire Housewives."

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Arsenal transfer blow as Real Madrid plan to keep Luka Jovic despite striker flopping and breaking coronavirus lockdown – The Sun

REAL MADRID are set to keep hold of striker Luka Jovic despite his poor disciplinary and scoring form.

The Serbian – who signed from Eintracht Frankfurt for £58million last summer – managed just two goals in Madrid before the season was suspended amid the coronavirus pandemic.

He then risked the wrath of club bosses after leaving Spain to return home to Serbia to be with his girlfriend, model Sofia Milosevic, a decision his nation's prime minister publicly blasted the 22-year-old for.

But despite the forgetful season for Jovic, Bernabeu bosses will give him a second chance to prove himself in the Spanish capital, believing the Serb – who has only played ONE full game this term – needs to adapt to his new surroundings.

Madrid told AS in a statement: "Luka is at the perfect age to grow as a footballer and as a person, he signed a contract until 2025 and we are counting on him.

"He did nothing without the knowledge of Real Madrid and the local police of his country was informed of his arrival.

"The first year is not easy for anyone because of his adaptation to a new country, language and culture, but we know its potential and nobody doubts its possibilities here."

It ends any transfer hope for Arsenal and Chelsea, who were interested in signing the forward, especially if they could have forced through a loan move.

Jovic has proved himself as a reliable finisher, scoring 27 goals in 48 games during his last season in Germany.

And despite his transfer value reportedly plummeting to £27m, Madrid are confident given time the young Serbian can replace current striker Karim Benzema and become one of the world's best strikers.

They said: "You can make a list of players who at the age of 21 or 22 seemed stagnant and who with 25 were in the world top ten."

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