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Astrologer Walter Mercado wanted Timothée Chalamet to play him in biopic

The co-directors and producer of a new Netflix documentary about the life of iconic television astrologer Walter Mercado are hoping to adapt the film into a scripted biopic. Cristina Costantini, who directed “Mucho Mucho Amor: The Legend of Walter Mercado” with Kareem Tabsch, tells Variety that they asked Mercado who he wanted to play him.

Why You Want Plants So Badly Right Now, According To Experts

Over the last few years, plants have held court as one of the most prized props for Instagram pictures, but as of this spring, plants are no longer accessories — they’re friends, they’re hobbies, and they’re sustenance. Now, people are less satisfied with low-maintenance snake plants and succulents, and they are taking on more vulnerable

I Want a 2nd Baby But the COVID-19 Pandemic is Making Me Change My Mind

“Am I cut out for this?” is probably a question that most new moms ask themselves throughout their pregnancy. But for me, it was something I wondered every single day of those nine months. There’s no doubt my son was much wanted; after learning I had low ovarian reserve, I finally became pregnant naturally two

US insurers want coronavirus business coverage backed by taxpayers

Fed will mantain low rates until economy has weathered coronavirus Former Dallas Fed adviser Danielle DiMartino Booth, FOX Business contributor Gary Kaltbaum, senior vice president and market strategist for Vision 4 Fund Distributors Heather Zumarraga and Fitz-Gerald Group chief investment strategist Keith Fitz-Gerald provide insight into the Federal Reserve’s decision to keep interest rates at

Does Lady Gaga Want Kids? Singer Shares Her Vision for Her Future

Lady Gaga is an award-winning superstar, an artist who has achieved acclaim for her work in movies as well as music. She rose to fame as a singer who would walk the red carpet in extravagant outfits, such as the notorious “meat dress.” However, those who looked past the drama saw a performer of the