Snowpiercer fans left confused by tail passenger language 'plot hole' on Netflix show

SNOWPIERCER fans have been left confused by a tail passenger 'plot hole' on the Netflix show.

The series is set seven years after a frozen apocalypse on a 1001-carriage train which continuously circles the Earth.

The carriages range from opulent first class to the dirty and dangerous lower classes, and its this part of the train that has caught some viewers' attention.

Despite the train setting off from Chicago, the inhabitants of the Tail seem to be from all over the globe and speak an array of languages.

It has left some viewers wondering how this is possible when the stowaways came from the same city.

Taking to Reddit, one fan of the show wrote: "How are so many people in the tail from so many different countries, if they all got on at the same time shouldn’t most be from one country or even one city?

“Did they know about the train or something and flew across the world to get to it?

"I get that the people that paid to be on the train are from all around the world, but not the tail.”

However, another viewer pointed out the show is set in the future, and so by then Chicago's residents could be even more diverse than it already is today.

Meanwhile actress Annalise Basso, who plays LJ, recently revealed her character's luxury circumstances could change in season two.

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LJ was recently found guilty of murder, and Annalise told CBR: "I wasn't part of the creative development of my character on Snowpiercer 2.0 but the characters are definitely very different.

"i was surprised reading L.J. for the second time because she was so different from who I originally signed on to be.”

When the outlet asked if LJ goes into some interesting places in season two, she replied: "Yes, from how the audience gets to know her in Season 1 to how she begins Season 2, they're two totally different circumstances.

"I'll leave it to the viewer to decide if she's really changed inside. Her circumstances change, I'll just say that.”

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