Coronavirus lockdown lifting ‘could see temperature checks for commuters and the two-metre rule scrapped’ – The Sun

LOCKDOWN lifting could see temperature checks for commuters and the two-metre rule scrapped, it's reported.

The Government is said to be examining a number of possibilities for the eventual easing of coronavirus restrictions.

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Those hoping to travel on the Tube or trains might need to check they aren't running a fever beforehand, reports the Times.

This would be to ease the surge of people rushing to get back to work and more normal life after the coronavirus lockdown is lifted.

And distancing rules are also being looked at, with the aim of schools and businesses to reopen sooner, the Daily Telegraph reports.

Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage) is said to have been asked to review if people do need to stay two metres apart.

It comes as the Cabinet is prepping for an agreed exit strategy from lockdown.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson promised the nation he would outline the blueprints for how we will be released from the lockdown next week.

It is thought schools could reopen sooner than expected, around June – so that if infections start to rise again, the summer holidays would come at a good point for them to close again.

As part of the opening up of schools, it is thought primaries will reopen first and then secondary schools.

It would make it easier to manage if pupils don't have to stay two metres apart, in line with the current Government guidance.

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